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L³ Hub (L3 Hub) is born to inspire and embolden girls and women to live, learn and laugh with confidence and truth, living life true to themselves. Since our inception, we have worked hard to live up to our values of Empower/Enable, Love, Integrity, Confidence and Experience.

Pro-bono Workshops & Speaking Engagements for Non-Profit Organisations

We are passionate about inspiring girls and women to live true and be more confident. At the same time, we aim to add value to marginalised groups as well.

We are open to speaking and workshops invitations at schools and non-profit institutes.

Contact us for further discussion.


Want to do something and learn new? Want to challenge yourself? How about getting out of your comfort zone being uncomfortable, perhaps doing something you have never thought of doing before?

We run mini-challenges and monthly challenges on Facebook Group, sharing our journey and inspiring other girls and women to do the same too!


We are running a survey on ladies at different phases in life and how we can be of better support to the community. We'd greatly appreciate your input. Thank you very much. 😁

What We Do At L³ Hub

1-1 Coaching

Our individual coaching focus on discovering who you are to redefining your beliefs about yourself and your past to discovering yourself through a step-by-step approach.

Whether you are seeking change in your health, fitness, career, relationship or life goals, we are here to help you achieve your highest potentials.

Click on the little diamond below to book a 90 minute discovery call.

Workplace English Training for Companies

We work with companies to provide customised in-house trainings, workshops and courses to enhance performance and knowledge of their valued employees.

For details of topics we cover, please click on the little diamond below.

Speaking Engagements

Corrine speaks about inspiring and empowering girls and women to take actions towards more confidence and initiative to be their best through continual self-exploration, self-leadership and self-empowerment

Book a speaking slot by clicking on the icon below.


Choose from a range of courses from Steps To Achieve Your Goals to Gaining Clarity.

Our e-Courses are self-paced and can be completed depending on your level of commitment and convenience.

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Hands-On Workshops

Hands-on activities help individuals not only learn new skills, but also build on their esteem and confidence levels. Not only they learn about self-efficacy, they also learn to be more independent and resourceful when they come across tough situations in future.

Step away from the online world for a bit and learn some practical real life skills at our upcoming workshops.

For collaborations, please email for more or fill up the booking form by clicking on the icon.

Feedbacks from our clients give the best acknowledgements to what we work hard for. It is our report book.


Student, Coaching

"(Coaching) has helped me to open myself to people, be more confident when talking, and be more consistent in my goal. (We also covered healthy lifestyle and running) I have been running consistently since then, changed my mindset from having just skinny body to having a healthy one."

J. K.

On feeling stuck in life

"You helped me realize I was stuck on the path of slow decline and will take action upon your advice and make the needed changes for self-improvement. Thanks!"


On Confidence and Empowerment

"I enjoyed the experience and stories shared and learned more about being self-confident!"

N. C.

On seeking meaning in her job

"Thank you so much! I really loved working in the old folks home because I felt like I was impacting someone's life positively in a day to day manner. I could be someone they talked to if they were lonely or I could help them resolve an issue. I probably could volunteer at a home again"

Bethany Q.


"Corrine was helpful, insightful and friendly. I enjoyed our session and I walked away with new ideas and ways to approach my issue. She really helped me see my situation from a different perspective and helped me further understand my own actions and motivations."


On Confidence Building

"I learned how to talk with confidence"


On Confidence & Empowerment

I enjoyed the interactions and sharing of personal stories. I learned how to be my own best friend and the five important values in my life


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