As I celebrate my big 3-0 tomorrow, I am excited to share this post on the 101 life lessons that I have learned over the last three decades.
30 years is not short, neither is it long. It feels like a milestone I have achieved. The years ahead may be filled with more adventures and challenges, but the past was worth the journey. Going through certain events and phases in my life was necessary though painful at times. I fell and got hurt before, but I also stood back up and had big wins.
Below are the 101 lessons I’ve picked up over these years.
  1. Life is how you see it. It can be as complicated or as simple as you think it is, as amazing or as dull as you live it. The game is yours to play. 
  2. Someone asked me before what is the meaning of life, I didn’t know then. But perhaps the value of our life is determined by how much we make a difference in others’. That’s how much we’ll get remembered
  3. You have to choose your path and lead your life yourself, no one else can do it for you.
  4. Nothing beats having a dream fulfilled. Earning big bucks is not a fulfilling dream. 
  5. Time flies after 20 yo. Build a bucket list and start crossing them now.
  6. There are only so many others can do for us, we have to walk the rest of our journey ourselves

  7. You will get in shitty situations but you must and will always pick yourself up. Life happens when shit happens otherwise you’re just existing.
  8. Learn to give more than you take. Your returns come with interests.
  9. Learn to live with appreciation and frugality.
  10. It’s always good to have thirst for success but do it the righteous way  
  11. You are never too young or too old to start what you want to do!
  12. Learn to appreciate quality over quantity.
  13. Never say never. I’ve said never a lot in the past, and now I’m doing most of what I said I’ll never do. 
  14. Don’t wait for events to happen to start living.
  15. Keep your mind on the present.
  16. Learn to start conversations, and keep them going.
  17. Be grateful for what you have. Appreciate what you have.

  18. Strive to achieve what matters to you. Life gives you what you need.
  19. Complaining makes you a miserable person. Find solutions to your problems instead. Act on turning your situation around!
  20. When you know you’ll live to 100, you tend to take it easy. When you know your time is short here, you waste no time. Have your fortune read.
  21. Life is fragile. Live every moment as if it is your last. 
  1. If your heart tells you it’s not right, most times it’s wrong. Listen to your heart.
  2. Work like an adult, play like a child.
  3. Fun is how you define it, and it is not indirectly proportionate to age
  4. Be personable, you need the human connection amid the technology
  5. Try out new activities, food, sports all the time. You never know how much you’ll end up enjoying.
  6. Say yes to people and things that matter to you; Say no to those that are unimportant.
  1. Learning is a knowledge you can keep for life and it makes you wiser and more charming as you get older.
  2. Traveling is the best way to widen your horizon. Go see the world when you still have the ability and resource. I love travelling not because I love meeting new people or eating local food but because I love getting lost and finding myself back on the right track again.
  3. Reading is like treasure hunting, you never know what universe you are entering. Read as much as you can and as fast as you can but understand!
  4. Stand up for yourself. Speak up more. No one else cares about you more than you! I need to stand up for myself more, without going aggressive.
  5. If you don’t trust, you cannot gain. But if you have been broken twice and still trust, it’s time to learn the lesson. 
  6. If you fail, don’t give up. Learn from it, stand up and try again.
  7. Never stop your curiosity, once you stop it, you stop learning.
  8. It’s not worth losing sleep over guys but it’s worth it if your big dreams are keeping you awake
  1. Spend time with people who matter to you; especially your parents. They are the one who will be there for you, unconditionally.
  2. Mothers may not always be right, they may be less savvy or less educated than you are, but they have much more experiences in life than you. Heed their advice if you don’t want to learn the hard way.
  3. Be a great sibling yourself, your siblings will treat you better. Don’t bully your siblings, you never know when you need them 
  4. A family does not mean blood relations. There are also people who care more than those with blood ties.

  1. Treasure your relationships, old and new, long and short. It may be a phase of your life, make it a memorable one.
  2. The hardest lesson comes from people you care most.
  3. We tend to take people who care for us for granted. Appreciate your family, spouse, children for who they are; don’t expect them to be who you think they are.
  4. Find someone who shares and supports your dreams, someone who is willing to be a part of your journey.
  5. You only need a few great friends in life; the kind of friends who party with you and still be there to hold you during your difficult times.
  6. Stop justifying for people who are not interested in your life.
  7. If you think they don’t understand you, that’s your fault for not being able to communicate properly. Learn to tell stories better. Communicate better.
  8. When you miss someone who’s gone, it is okay to cry because they matter.
  9. Children enrich your life. Play with kids. Be present like them. They are curious about everything. They ask for what they want all the time. 
  10. When you’re down, remember who was there for you. When you’re enjoying good times, remember to thank them. 
  11. If you felt you have done someone wrong in the past and still feel guilty, you can always drop an email or send a message on Facebook. 
  12. Sometimes you just have to let people make their own mistakes because hard lessons are learned better and stay etched longer.
  13. When you share a great connection with someone, keep it going. 
  14. Always stop to help someone, no matter how busy you are.
  15. Find like-minded friends.
  1. Fill your sad days with self-care and love. It’s not selfish, it’s necessary.
  2. Find your happy space.
  3. When you’re having a bad day, breath, relax, chill. Get back to your happy space.
  4. On your bad days, remember your good moments to lift you up and keep going.
  5. On good days, don’t forget your bad ones because you want to keep them at bay. Don’t want to fall back to the days when you’re struggling.
  6. If you don’t want to do it, say no. Don’t do it unwillingly, you don’t enjoy it, and the recipient won’t appreciate it.
  7. Don’t compare, don’t complain.
  1. Help someone when you see them in situations you’ve been in before.
  2. Practice kindness. Make someone’s day. Hold the door, donate, share your food, ask how their day are. It lifts your mood too.
  3. Leave your legacy, share your expertise and knowledge
  4. Show a little concern even to strangers. If you walk past that uncle who sells tissue and greets you everytime you pass by, it’s kind to say hello back. Don’t walk on with a straight face. How would you feel if that was you?
  5. Be gracious and polite. Say thanks and please.
  6. Practice compassion. It makes you a more humane person.

  1. Don’t compete your life with others’. You are on this journey yourself. You are your own competitor.
  2. If you really want to achieve what you set out to do, let people know about it. Makes you more accountable.
  3. Be clear about what you want to achieve in your career, and work out a plan towards achieving it.
  4. If you want to save money, don’t keep thinking that you have Spare Money tucked somewhere.
  5. Planning helps, but smart actions are necessary.
  6. Even if you take one step a day, you’re still ahead of yesterday.
  7. Get out of your comfort zone, always. Otherwise, you stop growing.
  8. Face your insecurities because they open you up to opportunities you never knew existed
  9. Sometimes you just have to take that leap to know if it will work. Believe in Yourself!
  1. Take it easy. Let it go. Years of experience and unhappy situations have taught me I cannot force much. It only makes me more disgruntled when I force on things I cannot control.
  2. Appreciate silence. We have too much noise and distractions in today’s world.
  3. Think positive. If you woke up late and get yourself caught in traffic jam, take it as a lesson learned.
  4. You need to rest when it’s time. Dragging on your rest time lessens your focus, makes you irritated, spoils your health.
  5. You will change, only when you want to, no one can force you.
  6. No one can stay the same for years; it’s called being stuck in your rut.
  7. If you are having a bad time now, get through this experience, learn from it and walk out a winner. Don’t wallow in self-pity.

  1. If you enjoy doing something for free, do it more.
  2. Life is fulfilling when you serve others, not only yourself.
  3. Find something that gratifies you and keeps you challenged. 
  4. Find out what you love doing (music, paint, dance, swim, hike, travel…) they brighten your life
  5. Doing one thing you are great at is better than trying to be a jack of all trades.
  6. When you serve, life seems more fulfilling. It may mean more work, but you feel achievement at the end of the day.
  1. When you feel hate, learn to forgive. Breathe and let go. Forgive yourself first, then others.
  2. When you feel unjustified, wronged and want to retort in anger, stop and breathe, and reply with kindness.
  3. Even when you feel hateful to people who have done you wrong, hurt or betrayed you, send them kind thoughts. It adds merit. 
  1. Start exercising yesterday; it is healthy and mood-lifting. Go for jogs. Break a sweat. Dance. Do Yoga. Get your heart pumping.
  2. Start digging into your family medical history. Know what runs in the family and stay on the ball for your own health.
  3. Experience Meditation.
  4. Your health is your most important asset. With health you can build wealth, but not the other way. 
  5. Keep your heads up! Don’t keep your eyes on your phone.
  6. Good posture immediately changes your image. Sit up straight and walk tall. People see you a more confident person.
  7. Time is your best bet, if you don’t take care of your issues, time will come soon enough 
  8. Take care of your teeth.
  9. Do medical health check every year.
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