L³ Hub (L3 Hub) was born to inspire and embolden girls and women to
Live, Learn and Laugh
with confidence and truth, living life true to themselves

Our Vision
L3Hub aims to build an empowered female community, regardless of age.
Our Mission
To inspire and guide girls and women to experience the power of living life true to themselves through discovering and developing their potentials via self-exploration, self-confidence and self-leadership
Our Values
  • Enable
     Empowering self with the power and courage to start living for You.
  • Love & Acceptance
     Show yourself the love, acceptance and respect You deserve.
  • Integrity
     Inspire truth, living true to Yourself
  • Confidence
     Belief In Self
  • Experience
     Continually explore, learn and experience life through challenging Yourself and getting out of your comfort zone.

Whether you are a teenage girl or an adult woman, it is our mission to help you move past being stuck in discomfort, confusion and unhappiness in your present, gain clarity and confidence within yourself to move away from constantly seeking approval and belonging to a more empowered you living true to who you are, to your fullest.

L3 Hub was started in September 2015 with the aim to inspire, motivate and empower girls and women to build themselves into who they want to be.
L3 Hub was founded by Corrine Lin, who coaches and writes on life relevant topics to help build a more empowered female community.
Corrine hails from Brunei and has made Singapore her second home. She holds a Diploma in Marine Engineering with Merit, followed by a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Management. She is also a Project Management Professional.
Corrine has spent over twelve years in the marine and offshore sector. During the course of her employment, she gained exposures in several fields including commercial, sales and marketing, project management and operations. Corrine also helped her company secure over $1M annual sales, completed new build projects ahead of schedule within budget. Her past assignments also allowed her to travel and be based in several locations including Malaysia, Brunei, Myanmar, Thailand and Singapore. 
An entrepreneur at heart, Corrine started her first venture as an online trading company in the marine and offshore sector. Despite being a profitable venture, she finds little meaning in the business. Soon after, Corrine finds joy in challenging herself, growing as an individual through self-improvement and in sharing her journey.
In 2015, she set up L³ Hub aimed at helping girls and women take the first steps during the transitional phases in their lives towards living a more empowered life for themselves. Since 2016, Corrine has completed over 10 monthly challenges ranging from healthy eating, active lifestyle, social media detox, get moving more to conscious living and self-leadership. 
L3 Hub aims to inspire individuals to live, learn and laugh with C.A.L.I.B.R.E – Confidence, Acceptance, Love, Independence, Beauty, Respect and Empowerment. Her e-book “Discover, Debunk and Develop You in 30 Days” is available for download. 
In her free time, she enjoys writing, running long distance and travelling solo.


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