Have you ever noticed how some people almost literally wish their lives away, complain and grumble about their days, yet never seem to do anything about them?
How about times when you see a really gutted person who was down in the rut only to emerge a better and more improved person the next time you hear about them?
For a long time, I was pretty comfortable in my life. I was pretty much living a sheltered life, well-fed and cared for by my parents whose only wish was for me to finish my education. I did, and I did pretty well in school as well.
Yet, when I came out to the working society, the game changed.
What worked in school did not apply at work and the culture surrounding it. Studying hard and being hard-working does not really mean much, nor do we get school holidays like before. Deadlines and tasks were a given yet, promotions depended on our superiors.
I was comfortable yet in a way, discontented with what I have and had achieved all along. I had no direction in life.
My only thought when I finished school was to get a job that pay well so I could live on my own income and not have my parents send me any more of their hard earned money.
I found a job, stayed for two years, got promoted but had no real responsibilities still, learned something about management, learned to deal with clients a little yet massively scared of them. Then I went on to learn about management and took up a different role, learned that I was getting no promotion after four years and decided that was it. All the efforts I’ve put in to my schooling, diploma and degree just so that I could get better career, and ended up being told that I was too ambitious?
I was not spending more waiting and wasting my time there.
And THAT was the Game Changer for me.
Waiting For Change?
Have you ever noticed how some people would almost literally wish their lives away, complain and grumble about their days, yet never seem to do anything about them? How about times when you see a really gutted person who was down in the rut only to emerge a better person the next time you hear about them?
Many times, the only Big Change happen when we decide that was the last straw, that we want to change and be better because we are tired of all the constant unhappiness, boredom and discontentment gnawing at us.
Somehow we know we want to live better and achieve more, but we don’t really how or what to do.
Or Be the Change Yourself?
So I took it step by step. I read up a lot and followed a number of successful people. I learned about their lives and their stories. I looked out for inspirational persons around me.
One of them is my mother. She is always thinking of ways to improve our lives, she had little education but she is a confident and bold businesswoman who never fear a challenge.
I get my motivation from my own achievements, like a fuel that burns itself. For instance, once I made a milestone or finished a project, I would congratulate myself and give myself a break or time off (Travel!), and come back for more!
Once I got down to business, decided that I had enough of my past life, I then made a list of goals, mapped out where I see myself in ten years and just did it anyway.
And, change began to happen FOR me. I have gained so much more today even though this past ten years have just been a learning experience for me.
Can you imagine this happening to your life? 
Lifestyle (A)
  • You wake up tired and late because you have slept late last night, wash up and rushed out of the house without having breakfast, get caught in jam and already your day felt like a bad one. Then, you head to the little space of square or rectangular cube where you spend the next 8 – 10 hours in front of the screen. You gossip about the latest in pantry. You knock off not knowing what you have completed, and have dinner outside, shopped, went home late and decided to take a brief shower. Then, you head to bed after midnight, or perhaps indulge in a few hours of social media scrolling. Rinse and repeat the next day for the next ten years. That’s on weekdays.On weekends, or rather Friday nights, you get ready for a night of booze and party. Spent Saturday curing your hangover and felt like your weekend has just started on Sunday only to realise that you have to get back to work the next day!
Is this kind of life you want? Or would you prefer the lifestyle below?
Lifestyle (B)
  • Waking up before the alarm, head on to shower and get ready with ample time to grab a toast and milk. Sit for five minutes to enjoy the silence before you head out and because you left home early, you avoided the traffic jam and arrived the office earlier than the rest. As you settle down, you make yourself a coffee and plan your day ahead. As the day started getting busier, you would have already completed part of your to-do list when others were just coming in. You take a five minutes break and enjoy your lunch time away from the desk. You knock off on time and head home for your routine hour long workout, then you enjoy your dinner with your family and do something you love for the next few hours to wind down before you turn in for the day. On weekends, you spend your morning waking early, spend some time in silence with yourself and make time to catch up with your friends over brunch and get outdoors for some active lifestyle, do what you love and want to try out, and spend Sunday reviewing and preparing your plan for the next week.
On Lifestyle (A), what does it do to your life? Nothing really.
You would feel that life IS lived that way, because that’s how other people are living theirs. What other people are not telling you is also their feelings of unfulfilled, disgruntlement, debts chasing behind them and fighting the urge to spend new bag / phone / laptop and so on yet again, so they can feel better about themselves for a short while.
When I decided I wanted my life to be more than ‘that’ – booze, partying, unfulfilled relationships, fighting over small matters, spending unnecessarily on goods, trying to make others like me – that alone is the first step towards change in my life.
I knew I definitely wanted more, so I started to learn more, seek challenges, ask for opportunities, offer my help to my colleagues and gain more along the way.
Take Conscious Steps to Change
I set target and made goals for myself. I chased after them instead of waiting for Lady Luck to come to me.
I made a decision to start living better, not be fat and feeling tired all the time any more. I started following some of my more health-conscious friends who literally changed my lifestyle. Before them, it was a given that I should finish all my food otherwise they will go bad, and that included junk food. So I was *really* surprised to see a half finished bag of potato chips neatly folded, sealed and kept at the shelf at my cousin’s place. Wow… A change. The next time, I took my snacks I took them half and folded the remaining in half and kept them in fridge. Consumption, halved.
I had a health scared at age 25 with high blood sugar even though I was not fat or obese. So I made conscious efforts and choices in my diet each day. I take my coffee black, I cut down on carbs (including rice, bread, potatoes, bananas). I began to exercise more (the sugar content in your body does not get diluted with drinking lots of water in case you’re thinking), and increased my exercise regime with my workout partner.
When I decided I wanted more variety in life, opportunities started showing up. I looked for courses and signed up for them, made time for myself to experience volunteering work, music lessons, yoga and dance classes, language exchanges, painting and abseiling.
What amaze me more was my thirst for travelling has broaden my vision so much more in recent years. When I started working I wanted to travel and see the world like the others, but I was always holding myself back (not enough money, not safe enough, being scared, and so on) and using up my expenses on material stuffs, of which the more I chase the more dissatisfied I became. And I realized that if I didn’t stop, I would always be entwined in the shopping cycle. Now I only buy what I need and wear what I’m comfortable in.
Deciding to finally pack my bags and go on solo trip was a great experience whether alone or with family or friends. I experienced travelling with family and I have gone on holidays with friend(s) but the solo trips left me the most gratified. Throughout the journey, I was my own company and I learned so much about myself than I would learn about myself in years.
I decide what I want to do, plan my itinerary and I can change my mind without having to ask anyone, and choose based on my likings. It is not the people meeting experience that I imagined I would be excited about initially, or seeing and exploring places but the process of being lost and alone, and finding myself, to eventually learning to trust myself and enjoy spending time myself is the most fulfilling part of my travels. (Click To Tweet) 
Why You Should Change The Game
Within a few short years of deciding I’ve had enough of holding myself back. I have since changed my career twice, increased my income by multiple folds, travelled to more places in a year that I set, gotten on a healthier lifestyle track and having a family life. Just by deciding in my heart that I wanted changes in my life and go do it anyway.
Sure you will face lots of fears and internal struggles, much of your commitments and beliefs would be challenged but ultimately, only you know yourself best.
Would you prefer a monotonous life with no excitement to make your journey more memorable to reflect on?
Or would you be the Game Changer?
Are you gamed now? Share with us your next action in the Comments Section below.
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