Would you be able to imagine how your future career paths would look like?
Do you remember how work was like for your parents in their times? In the past, people used to work for one company and those who stay with the company the longest is considered the most privileged and should be the most respected.
For the less privileged, we might have sees our parents toiling in sweat and blood in hard labour to earn a living when we were young.
Today’s career story is a different story altogether.

From the industrial era to the commercial years, jobs have been defined and evolved multiple times. From work to vocation to profession to career to hustle and passion and so on.

Be it having an employer plotting the path out for you, or having you blaze your own trails with novel methods and creative innovations, professionals are changing the way they look at their careers of the future.
Having experienced evolution at a quicker pace, we might see a change in the way we work and how we see our careers serve us as we slowly start to become the Master of our own destiny.

The Way We Work 
Companies are becoming abundant and talents are in need.
We now earn our stand in the society with our skills, knowledge, experience and expertise, not with time.
What we don’t know today, we have to find the solutions to our questions or problems, instead of waiting for others to provide us with the answers.
Today, we see influxes of professionals from around the world with reduced communication barriers as compared to the past when we would have to rely on local skills and expertise.
We can now negotiate for our packages with what we can and have to offer.
Those of us who have talents, skills, qualification, proficiency, experience and exposure would rather be working for themselves than to stick with one company.
As time progresses, as we become better versed and experienced, we find ourselves contributing to the company we work for.
Yet, we’d still wish we could do or contribute more, which is why many tend to have side projects, other careers or volunteering commitment, or become mentors in our field of expertise.
Soon we begin to wonder is what our employer offering now all we can get? Is there nowhere to go anymore? What is beyond this position? Can we still go further? What does it mean for me to hold on to this position?
We crave for more!
How Will Your Career Serve You? 
People are passionate about making a difference in the work they do today. No longer do we just want to work to earn a loving or have a stable income. When we know we could do more and achieve better results, we definitely will go for it.
What if, in the future when you graduate from college, you are already on your own?
How about if you at least work for three other companies on a contract basis and have the exposure to other company cultures while gaining experience at three times the rate of how we are doing today?
What if future careers for people are of individualistic nature?
What if as you step into the working society, you are already your own bosses and there will be no one to mentor or monitor our progress but you have more opportunities for exposure and higher learning curves?
How would you be and what would you do then? How would you manage your career?
Would you depend on your bosses/clients to give you praises, appraisals and promotions or would you be self-promoting and work on yourself?
Would you be more proactive in terms of learning or training yourself, or would you wait for company-sponsored courses?
Are you more willing to plan your own career paths or ask for your career path from few different clients?
Would you then, be able to find the work you are suited to rather than just settling for a job that pays?
It is all up to us to grab these chances, even today. 
It is all up to us to build up our expertise or collaborate with others.
The future of careers is uncertain, yet different and so broad.
You just need to find out for yourself and define your work which will most likely not be in the mainstream.
All in all, it means taking responsibilities for your career growth and happiness. When you enjoy what you do, you will excel in them and build a career or even a legend around it.
  • Find Out Your Strengths and What You Like To Explore, Then Go Do Them
  • Improve Your Knowledge and Skills, Build On Them.
  • Increase Your Learning Capabilities, Dare To Ask Questions, Get The Right Support/Mentors
  • Have Fun, Take On Challenges Even When You Are Not Ready
  • Take Up Projects Strategically and Build Your Profile
  • Change Out Of Comfortable Environment When It’s Time (Get out of comfort zone)
Do you agree that our work in the future will be totally different from today? Why and why not?

Share your comments with us below.
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