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If you are wondering how going through challenges can benefit you, check out this article herehere and here.

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We are running a survey on ladies at different phases in life and how we can be of better support to the community. We’d greatly appreciate your input. Thank you very much. 😁

September & October 2017 #30DaysWakeEarly Challenge


August 2017 #30Days SavingUP Challenge

Saving UP Challenge

July 2017 Challenge #30DaysColdShower

Back in the days when I lived in my old house, cold water was never an issue. Today, the thought of no warm water gives me cold shudder. It goes to show how much comfort I’ve been living in. Here are some other benefits of taking cold showers:

  • You challenge yourself to step into the showers every time (Haha!)

  • You start each day feeling more awake and alert (if you shower in the morning)

  • Cold water keeps our skin firm and pores closed

  • You get improved blood circulation throughout your body

  • You save water and electricity bill for the month (because you will spend less time in the water)

Plus, cold showers have been said to help increase fat loss, improves immunity (fall sick less often), reduces stress and relieves depression. Join in the challenge and do something different for the next 30 days.


30Days Cold Shower Challenge

June 2017 Challenge #30DaysNoCoffee

As a heavy coffee drinker, I never thought I’d be able to survive my days without drinking coffee for more than two days. But I did it! For 30  continuous days!

There are days when I’d salivate just smelling the aroma. Some days I miss coffee so much I could cry for making myself go through this challenge. But I  did it!

My #30daysnocoffee challenge completed!

Would you do it?

#coffeedrinker #coffeelover #challenge #coffeedetox

30 days no coffee challenge

December 2016 Self-Leadership & Empowerment

We are all leaders of our own selves, we steer the wheel on our own life paths, and we have to empower ourselves to be able to do that.

As we enter the last four weeks of 2016, our December challenge will be focusing on #selfleadership and #empowerment for a better year ahead.

What can you do to be your own leader? How can you empower yourself more to make the right decisions for yourself?

If you want your 2017 and years ahead to be more meaningful, productive and successful in your own terms, you need to start taking responsibility for your own growth.

#livelearnlaugh #december #decemberchallenge #30daychallenge
#fun #productive #yearend #newyear #newyearresolutions #empower #leadyourownlife

October 2016 – 21 Days #ConsciousLiving

On 7th October, we started our 21 days challenge to live more consciously, to be conscious of our decisions (what we eat what we choose what we spend on), and be conscious of our environment. We rarely notice what’s around us these days, when we walk or commute, we’re looking at phones. Even when we eat or before we sleep. Start living more consciously today.

September 2016 – Money / Expenses Challenge

On this month, we asked our participants to choose one of the above two goals and gain $$$$$ INSIGHTS on

#1. How much you can actually save from little pennies! and
#2. How much you have been spending without actually paying attention!

For #2, you can make use of the expense tracker on Google Sheet that you can save a copy of your own, access and update daily. At the end of every week, do a review of how much you have spent and where you spent on if you can improve on the next week.
Below is a snippet of what you will use. Get the link here.

July 2016 – Social Media / Drinking / Snacking Detox

Yup. July will be a big month for me because I am doing three (3) challenges together.

I recently read from @Quora on what 30 days challenges that we could do to change our lives.

I have always encouraged others to leave their comfort zone to improve themselves, break their barriers to discover their new selves, and to set big goals, take actions and go after their goals; so why not go big on my goals. There is always a risk of jeopardising my own challenges but the preparation is set.

My aim is to eliminate drinking and snacking from my lifestyle, keep it clean in the month of July, hopefully, go further and see how far I can keep them clean after the challenge. I have kept a vegetarian diet since January 2016, and I want to go further, no more taking two steps forward and one step back.

In terms of social media, I find myself doing a lot of mindless scrolling even when there are no updates, and it has been eating into a huge lot of my productive time. Even when I do manage to pull out of the habit after a while, it still comes back on and off, so in July, I am switching off from my personal Facebook account, and taking a hiatus from my L3Hub Page and Group

Do you feel the same need to get rid of the unnecessary habits in your life too? Join me in this challenge to get away from social media, from unhealthy diet and lifestyle. (It’s only for a month)


I successfully stayed away from drinking (not even a drop) and Facebook (my post on the challenge here).

However, I have not successfully stopped snacking altogether. Even though I managed to not feed myself on junk food and chips, I was still taking biscuits on most days. I have also since found fruits to be a useful and really helpful substitute to snacking.

Jul2016 Social Media Detox Challenge

June 2016 – Gain Clarity in 30 Days

In June, we ran 30 days exercise to ask questions and gain clarity of who we are and what we want in life. This resulted in the creation of a 64 page eBook ‘Discover, Debunk and Develope You In 30 Days’. Get your free copy here.

Jun2016 Clarity in 30 Days Challenge

May 2016 – Wake Early Challenge

wake early challenge

On 10th May, I started a new challenge which has to do with our beauty sleep.  As a deep sleeper, I usually need several alarms set to wake me up. However, I have also experienced days when I would spring out of bed even before sun rise. I did that when I was in NZ enjoying myself, and most certainly when I was excited about my work, especially on L3Hub.

The 21-Days May Challenge calls for us to Wake Up 1 Hour Earlier Than Usual each day so we can have time to do what we need and enjoy.

At the end of the challenge, I gained an additional 25 hours from waking up earlier. That means a day’s worth of time to do what I love. How awesome is that?!

March 2016 – Get Moving More Challenge

I was never an athlete when I was a child, but all that changed with I took up #dragonboat, built my stamina and confidence, and lost some weight along the way. I jog/run regularly (4 x weekly ~5-6km) nowadays. I wanted to do more and as part of my personal goal to RUN A MARATHON this year, I embarked on another #21Days #Challenge to ‘Get Moving More’ on 10 March 2016.

I shared my updates on L3Hub Private Facebook Group and Instagram as I built my routine and stamina up to get into the momentum. If you want to check out the result and summary, head over to this post here.

February 2016 – 14 Days Positivity Challenge

We ran 14 days Positivity Challenge to promote optimistic thinking in individuals.

January 2016 – Healthy Eating Challenge

Our first challenge of the year started with 21 days Healthy Eating Challenge, which eventually converted me into a full-time vegetarian.

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