Do you know what it takes to be the success you want to be? How much are you willing to give and work on them before you decide you have failed?
If you haven’t watched this TED Talk by Diana Nyad, you simply have to.
Diana Nyad is an American author, journalist, speaker and, a long-distance swimmer.
Not only that, she was the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida, from Havana to Key West making a distance of 180KMat the age of 64. 
What makes her more amazing is that she achieved that at the age of 64, after her first failed attempt in her 20s! Simply “Because I’d like to prove to the other 60-year-olds that it is never too late to start your dreams.”
Despite her incredible and record breaking success, she faced many failures and difficult challenges along the way
  • She attempted her first expedition at 28 and failed.
    After close to 40 years, she achieved her goal. How many of us would wait that long for the success that we want? 
  • Her second attempt was scheduled for August/September 2010 but was delayed to July 2011 due to bad weather.
    This is almost a year of delay and something most of us would have given up because of the wait. 
  • She was pushed by strong currents, encountered storms, had respiratory attacks, got multiple jellyfish stings. 
  • She completed her goal on her fifth attempt, each time swimming for at least 20 odd hours in the waters. 
It shows how strong you can be when you really want what you want.
And, the route to success is rarely easy and does not usually come fast.
She did a lot of preparation works before each expedition including
  • moving her training location to the waters she would attempt her expeditions in
  • increasing her duration of training in segments. 
  • after each failed attempts, they would look at measures to improve her chance of success, among many other factors.
At 28, in 1978, on her first attempt, she “swam inside a 20-by-40-foot steel shark cage for nearly 42 hours, before team doctors removed her due to weather conditions and swells that were slamming her against the cage and pushing her off-course. She had covered about 76 miles (122 km), but not in a straight line.”
In preparing for her second one, she had a “specially designed, slow-moving catamaran support boat deployed a 10-foot (3.0 m) streamer: a long pole keeps the streamer several yards away from the boat, and the streamer is designed to remain about 5 feet underwater, so that Nyad can swim above it, much like following a lane line in a swimming pool. At night, the white streamer was replaced by a string of red LED lights.”  However, she had to stop after 29 hours in the water due to a flare-up of her asthma. She could only swim a few strokes before repeatedly having to roll on her back to catch her breath.
On her third attempt. she stopped after “about 41 hours,  because of jellyfish and Portuguese man-of-war stings and after currents pushed her off course.”
Diana began her fourth attempt “on August 18, 2012, without a protective shark cage. Nyad and her team ended the swim prematurely, reportedly because of two storms and nine jellyfish stings, after having covered more distance than her three previous attempts”
On her last attempt, and the successful one, Diana “swam without a shark cage, but protected from jellyfish by a silicone mask, a full bodysuit, gloves and booties… At approximately 1:55 pm EDT on September 2, 2013, Nyad reached the beach in Key West, about 53 hours after she began her journey.”
Just by listening to her experience and reading about her expeditions is already inspiring. Many times there would be thoughts on why did she still persist on and how did she manage to do that despite all the stumbles.
Many of us would have given up an 180km quest of a walk, let alone swim!
The truth is if what you want to achieve resonates deeply with you, and if you really want to achieve it, it does not matter how long it takes or what others say. 
You have to trust yourself that you can do it. Prove it to yourself that you can do it. Break Your Own Barriers! 
This article is meant to share with everyone out there, that no matter where you are now, or what you have been through, you will achieve success as long as you put your heart and mind to it. 
We are not perfect beings, there is no such person in this world.
However, being imperfect does not mean success is not for you or that you will never achieve your dreams.
In fact, being imperfect means we have lots of rooms for growth. Imagine we are so perfect that there everything we do is so easy and without any challenge, what does that give us?
Being imperfect gives us a chance to be better today than who we were yesterday. It allows us to explore and find means to being overcome our fears and challenges, make success sweeter and in that process, we will find ourselves, learn more about ourselves and live a more fulfilling life.
If you have achieved huge success before, you will realise that it is not the trophy or the name or the title or money you earned that makes you happy. It is the process, the journey that makes us.
It’s not about the end result, not about success being printed on headlines for others to see.
It is about overcoming your failures and challenges, dealing with your fears, and building your character, resilience and determination up, slowly but surely,
So that we can then do what we are born to do.
Ask Yourself Today:
  • What do I really want to achieve?
  • Am I making full use of my life right now?
  • Am I taking big and bold steps to challenge and improve myself to greater heights each day? 
  • If not, how can I be better today?
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