What’s your focus for the coming year? Have you done your year end review yet? If not, here’s a read from my previous post on how I did mine.
Year end review is great as you get to see how much you have achieved over the past year, and it sets the music how you want your next year to play.
As I set my goals for the next twelve months, I have a theme set for the year.
2016 to me will be a year of love; not only to self but also to others around me.
Loving myself means taking care of my own well-being and be at peace with myself, while loving others may simply mean showing more concern and attention to my family, and be more respectful to others.
Initially, I had thought the theme for 2016 would be to travel, explore and see more, and I really loved that, but I find myself constantly feeling sort of disconnected against the goals I set. It dawned on me that the pattern is more inclined towards living with love.
Over the past year, I have been travelling quite a fair bit. While I was used to travelling alone and enjoyed solo trips, I find myself constantly battling the desire to invite my family with me because I wanted to share my trip experiences and moments with them more these days, be it the scenery I enjoyed or the challenges I overcame. And, I also felt I wanted to be at home more and be there for them while I was away.
Living with love includes broader perspectives and is limitless. To me, living with love to self and others also meant the following
  • Taking care of myself well
  • Giving myself the break when needed
  • Respecting my family and loved ones more
  • Show them more concern and attention
  • Spend more time with family & social circle 
  • Enjoy outdoor activities, being active
  • Be more understanding
  • Be more patient 
  • Show more compassion
  • Show interest in the happenings within the family
  • Connect more and be present around each other
  • Laugh more 
  • Be less serious
  • Experience new things together 
  • Standing up for myself 
  • Forgiving myself for any mistakes I have made
  • Be more forgiving of others
  • Taking things in my stride
  • Letting go of what I cannot control
What about you? Have you set your goals? Do you see a pattern in your goals? Is there a theme that you will focus your 2016 around?
Would it mean more adventures? self-development? appreciation? kindness? Self-healing?
Once you have identified the theme, write it down and post it somewhere you can be reminded of them every day and live your days based on this theme. 
Also, don’t forget to keep your goals within view so that you won’t lose track of them.
At the end of every week, you can do a review of how you’re doing (good or bad progress), and work on improving them to either get back on track or find out better ways to achieve these goals easier.
An extract from my year end review exercise.
My Focus in 2016
Having lost four close families over this few short years, I will spend more time with my family be it my parents’ side or my husband’s side, also to raise awareness on the importance of being present with family.
I also realize the importance of being there for someone, especially those who needed you whether it’s your help or simply your presence to be there for them, which reinforces my need to keep L3 Hub going.
Taking care of my health has always been a priority: I want to incorporate more outdoor fun and activities, rather than just jogging weekly, into my life and I want to do this with my family.
I have this in my plan long ago – to be a full vegetarianrun a full marathon, sleep and wake early, even on weekends.
Exploration and adventure, being one of my life values – I want to explore and travel more. The thing about travelling for me is not simply to meet new people and see places; it is also a journey of finding myself especially when I am travelling alone.
Do share with us below what will your theme in 2016 be!
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