We’re coming to the end of 2015. What achievements have you completed this year? I hate to say this but time flies. It’s a cliché I know, but it’s true when they say “Time and Tide wait for no man.” (Click to Tweet)
As we cruise into 2016, I want to know how 2015 has been for you. I’ll share a bit of mine and how about you share yours too? Whether you share it or not, it doesn’t matter as long as you review and reflect. Also, know what you have been doing in 2015 as well as what you can do more or less of next year.
Basically, my year end review exercise is broken down into four steps. 
  1. 1. List down what I have done, experienced or had significantly achieved
  2. 2. Identify what I enjoyed, am good at and have been going well 
  3. 3. Identify what I lack, challenges I faced and those I should not have done (room for improvement) 
  4. 4. My focus for next year 

Little Shout-Out
Before that though, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU and BEAR HUG to my lil’ sister. The sister who has been stuck with me for the past almost three decades and is always there for me whenever I needed her (whether she wanted to or not. Lol~).
It’s not always that we express appreciation for our loved ones because of the society and cultural background we were brought up in but I do feel it is necessary this year, at least starting this year. As I am always away from home and travelling, I really depended a lot on her to look after the family, which I know she would do even without anyone saying because of family matter too much to her. She is the type of family person whereas, I am more of always on the go type.
Thank you, Mei, for being there for the family and me. Regardless of the fights and quarrels, we have had over the years, we have been and will always be there for each other.
Now, My 2015 Review
We’re left with less than four weeks to 2016 and what best time than this month to look back and review on what has happened over the past 50+ weeks in our year.
I like to do this exercise because at times, I felt dejected thinking that I have not done much during the year but when I wrote down what I have gone through, achieved and done well, as well as what I struggled with, need to improve on and what I overcame, I do realize that I have done quite a bit over the year.
Below is my review chart of how I evaluate my life &/ year, based on the aspects of life that are important to me: Health, Family, Relationship, Wealth, Personal Development, Network, Fun & Exploration, and Contribution (back to society)
Life Chart - December 2015
Plot your own in the chart below.
2015 In Review
A big bulk of my 2015 has been largely related to travelling, managing my priorities and getting married.
  • Spent my New Year at home with my family as usual, which has always been a big thing in the family when we gather, eat, and have fun. Little did I know that this would be the last year I would have the liberty to enjoy the sumptuous food that my mum prepare at home as I give up my single status.
  • Moved out from home a year after I moved back, got reassigned overseas, the start of my hectic travelling over the next nine months.
  • Boyfriend and I finally mustered up the courage to fly home to meet my parents in April. We were as tense and scared as two blind mice in love. After much internal struggles and support from my sister yet again, he and I finally decided to tell my parents we’re settling down. I remember sitting on the couch, boyfriend and father were chatting when boyfriend raised the topic. 
  • It was a monumental moment for me, and I will forever remember when he said he would take care of me. They were simple words but coming from someone who loves me and someone I love and care too, listening to it being verbally said and assured to my parents was a whole new realm of emotions to me. I was trying very hard to hold my tears back when my parents gave us their blessings.
  • It was also that moment then I felt both happy and sad at the same time. It’s like you know you have found the right mate and are ready to soar with your wings, but the little bird is not ready to leave home just yet even though she knows that this is the home that she will always come back to. 
  • Over the next few months, we spent quite a bit of time searching for our little nest, during which I was travelling back and forth over the weekends. This was followed by renovation works. Over the period of two months, we dealt with so much stuff, appointments and decision making that I could barely remember how we managed to do this.
  • The next one was to find the right furniture for us. It is amazing how you feel when you finally found the right one. Needless to say, we spent quite some time here as well.  
  • While getting the house done, I was also spending my time doing DIY stuffs for the wedding, sending invites, getting the important people in and making arrangements. 
  • We moved in a week before our marriage solemnization, had our wedding shoot done. It was crazy busy.
  • We said our “I Do” on the eighth day of the eighth month of 2015, which adds up to eight as well!
  • Then, I moved back to home. *Yay*.
What I love about 2015
  • I got MARRIED.
  • We have our own nest now.
  • I am getting accustomed to married lifestyle – learned to cook, share my time with another person now. =D Plus, spending quality time together when I’m back in town.
  • I still love spending time by myself.
  • I have gone pescetarian now – eating only fish and no other meat.
  • I have gotten slightly more active in the last quarter of this year: Other than routine jogs, I have been able to go cycling, rowing and swimming which I have not been able to do so for a long time.
  • I visited my family twice at home, and my family also made the trip to visit me.
  • I have managed to break my own personal and professional barriers.
  • I have been travelling quite a bit and I absolutely love it.
  • I had the chance to stay in another country for more than 6 months (one off my bucket list)
  • I visited three new places: Jogjakarta (Indonesia), Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), Yangon & Bagan (Myanmar). I met some amazing people when I joined the Asian Women Conference (AWE 2015) while in Jogjakarta this September. It was a conference to remember.
My Passion
“In order to love others, we must love and take care of ourselves well first. Start loving yourself FIRST” (Click To Tweet)
  • And because of that, I was able to expand my reach to other girls who are not afraid to seek advice.
  • I was also able to volunteer with local teen community and with Singapore Cancer Society in distributing FIT Kits for cancer tests.
What did not go well or need Improvement
  • Not being able to spend more time at home & with loved ones
2015 has been a relatively busy year for me but also a sad year as I lost two of my close relatives in a gap of one month. It was the hurt and sadness I cannot explain, and I do feel guilt for not being there for them in the last phase of their lives.
Many times, we think there is still next time or tomorrow, but what if tomorrow never comes. (Click To Tweet)
I miss my grandparents and aunts a lot.
I had so many instances when I lost my loved ones because I was overseas most times. The only times I get to see them was on every new year when we would all gather. This is one of the reasons why I make it a point to visit all my close relatives whenever I am back for the new year.
Also, my mum had an operation this year, but I was not able to leave from my work. I felt I was unfilial. That I had not been a good daughter. I could only call back and talk to her as much as I can. But nothing beats having your loved ones by your side when you needed company, assurance and security.
As I was travelling quite often, this resulted in me not being able to spend more time at home or interact with my family. I will find a way to communicate more with them next year, be it through Whatsapp or other mediums.
  • Health & Fitness
Even though I have been consistently jogging on a routine basis, I do feel like I need to increase my stamina/distance as I have reached my plateau.
Diet wise, I have not been in real control of my intake either. There were days when I had to take meat – I intend to go full vegetarian next year.
  • Relationship & Network
I have not been able to keep in constant touch with my friends. But I also made some friends along the way. I do make it a point to keep in touch every now and then with those friends I connect with and value deeply.
  • Contributions
I wish I had more time to contribute to the local teen community and made more efforts to speak to a family member before it becomes too late.
My Focus in 2016
Having lost four close family over this few short years, I will spend more time with my family also to raise awareness on the importance of being present with family.
I also realise the importance of being there for someone. Especially those who needed you whether it’s your help or simply your presence to be there for them, which reinforces my need to keep L3 Hub going.
Taking care of my health has always been a priority: I want to incorporate more outdoor fun and activities, rather than just jogging weekly, into my life and I want to do this with my family.
I have this in my plan long ago – I want to be a full vegetarianrun a full marathon, sleep and wake early, even on weekends.
Exploration and adventure, being one of my life values – I want to explore and travel more. The thing about travelling for me is not simply to meet new people and see places; it is also a journey of finding myself especially when I am travelling alone.
Since starting L3 Hub in September, I have never felt more fulfilled and motivated in my life to reach out more to girls. My goals is to make L3 Hub more active so they can come together, support and grow together to be better individuals tomorrow when they are ready to step into the world. (For this, I need your support. If you think L3 Hub has interesting posts, information or experiences that are worth sharing, please help us spread the word to more girls.) 
L3 Hub is my brainchild, my sweat, my sleep and everything else that matter to me because the purpose of setting L3 Hub up resonated with my past and me so much.
Having been through a teenage phase with low self-esteem, constantly having to seek permission and being used and betrayed emotionally, I learned to face all my falls and stumbles independently, and learning to stand up for myself. I want to encourage and inspire girls to overcome their insecurities and unhappy emotions to being able to express themselves, and love themselves instead of waiting for validation or wait for others to come and love them. To let them know that confidence can be built, and not be given by others. Let them know that they can be loved, accepted and valued for being who they are, not needing to wear masks to be liked or accepted.
Had I have anyone to support me and gave me advice when I was lost and alone in my teenage life, I would perhaps have made better choices and turned out a better person than who I turned out today.
Not only to understand life and debunk beliefs we hold, but also to develop ourselves through continuous learning and exploring, and be able to look back in life on how far we have come and have a laugh that we came up a Winner.
In Conclusion
This was a year I explored, worked hard, achieved and experienced many amazing shifts.In 2016. I aim to achieve more personal growth with goals that resonate deeper with my inner being. To emerge a better individual through constant learning and developing myself and my loved ones in this journey.
Maybe an addition of a family member to the nest?
Read More: Get to know yourself better with SWOT
Have a great holiday and an AWESOME year ahead!
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