Are you feeling stressed, stuck and overwhelmed in the following situations? 
  • feeling all alone and stressed out, struggling to manage your priorities, family and career/business all on your own.
  • afraid that if you do well in one area, you need to sacrifice the other areas of your life?
  • not having enough time for yourself, to do what you want
  • exhausted and burnt out, yet pushing yourself to push on without having anyone to speak to or understand you
  • facing unhappy in your relationships that are affecting your well-being
  • struggling with health concerns such as can’t sleep well, emotional eating and weight gain
  • struggling with juggling your priorities, frustrated with not getting the results you want despite the time, effort and commitment you have invested in.
  • feel guilt for not spending enough time and attention on your loved ones
  • struggling to be heard and respected

You don’t have to do this on your own.  
With the right support, you might just well find yourself on your way to living your ideal lifestyle.
Does your ideal daily life look and feel like the below? 
  • you feel upbeat and driven waking up every day. you even wake up before the alarm clock!
  • you are thriving in your life – you’re doing what you enjoy, spending time with who you want to and living to your true self to the fullest
  • you feel fulfilled and happy both at home and at work.
  • you manage your day schedules well, even with hiccups
  • you stay tip top in terms of your health and well-being, you handle stress and challenges well.
  • you know and choose what matters most to you, you know when to say Yes and when to say No.
  • you enjoy great relationship and communication with your partner and your loved ones at home.
  • you know where and when to seek support from the right people.
  • you are able to make time for yourself, spend some me-time and unwind when you want to
  • you are feeling confident and productive at work, and even enjoy work despite being crazy busy
  • you are not afraid to push forth to face your challenges head on with a positive attitude
  • you stand up for your views, what you believe in and speak up with confidence knowing that you need to be heard and respected.
1to1 Life Coaching
At L3 Hub, we provide individual life coaching on topics ranging from health, fitness, relationships to career to mindset, even life goals to help you achieve your highest potentials.
Our individual coaching focus on discovering who you are to redefining your beliefs about yourself and your past to discovering yourself through a step-by-step approach.
Whether you are a youth who are seeking to understand who you are and who you want to be, a young adult who is just starting out in the working society and trying to find out who you are, or an adult woman who’s feeling lost, tired and simply exhausted from giving too much to everyone but yourself,
I am here with you.

Most people think of coaching as a bad thing, as though you are incapable or not good enough when you are getting coached.
The truth is, everyone needs a coach in their lives, even those who are the best in their fields. All the best sportsmen have coaches. Every great soccer team has a great coach. Even coaches need coaches too.
And everyone is seeking a coach of some sort in their lives. At times when you need clarity, directions and answers, do you get frustrated not feeling understood or seemingly running around in circles when you consult your family and friends? Friends and families come with a set of beliefs and understanding about you that they will provide answers that seem to fit you, but may not necessarily be what you need to move forward. You need a coach in times like this.
A coach is neutral and furthermore, dares to ask you uncomfortable questions without fearing that they’ll offend you. A coach does not mean that they have to be someone who has lived the life you want. Rather, a coach should be able to help you gain understanding and clarity from within.
The key is to find out which coach ‘clicks’ with you and understands your needs. Different coaches work differently and approaches will be different too. Whether these approaches work for you or not is also a factor.
How much an individual wants to work on themselves and how open they are to new perspectives also plays a part. This is why most coaches offer a complimentary session to just do that, understand where you are, what you need and for you both to have a feel if you are okay working with each other.
Have an open mind. View coaching from a different perspective. See it as a tool to help you move past your current obstacle, progress forward and eventually live out your dreams.
Take the right steps for yourself. You might realize your dream life may not be too difficult to achieve after all.
Here’s what one lady says after just one clarity session 
“Corrine was helpful, insightful and friendly. I enjoyed our session and I walked away with new ideas and ways to approach my issue. She really helped me see my situation from a different perspective and helped me further understand my own actions and motivations. Thanks so much!”
– Bethany Q.
Discover Your Brilliance, FInd Your Purpose, Be Happy, Have Fun, Life Life to the Fullest
Coaching at L3Hub takes on a 3D approach; Discover, Detach and Develop.
We will be working on uncovering, debunking and replacing limiting beliefs to identifying and developing your best potentials.
As a coach, my goal is to help you achieve your goal. It is my mission to support you and stay with you on your journey. I pride on taking a practical approach to set clear goals and help my clients achieve what they set out to with actionable steps.
Through experience with my past coaching clients, we have reaped results from just one session to having long-term partnership in helping them achieve long-term goals.
Clarity Call
Do you want to create a crystal clear vision for the life you want, the relationships you want to build, the income level you desire – FAST?
If you want to see a positive change in your goals and results soon, I invite you to jump on a 90-minute clarity call with me as I bring you close to the clearer picture of where you are currently to what you should do to move forward.

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