At L3 Hub, we strive to provide and deliver relevant coaching programs and courses to encourage and empower individuals to live their best selves.
For one-on-one coaching program, you can book a 90 min clarity call or contact
one on one clarity call coaching session
We offer several self-paced e-courses covering goals, moving on and so on. Do check out the Courses section.
We also run corporate in-house training for employees on communication and literacy skills here. For training matters, please email to
After School Program for Youths 
We run 12 weeks After-School + Mentoring Program for Youths with content customised to teach, guide and expose individuals to life lessons that they might not learn in school.
Weekly topics may include
  • Discover and Understand Who You Are
  • Identify Your Passion and Values
  • Making Positive Connection: Improve Your Relationship With Yourself, and Others
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Stop Bullying
  • Stop Comparison and Competition. Start Cooperating and Collaborating
  • Self-image, Worth and Esteem
  • Managing Negative Emotions
  • Money Management
  • Decision Making + Goal Setting
  • Acquiring a Learning and Growth Mindset
  • Building Healthy Mindset and Physique
Pro-bono Workshops & Speaking Engagements with Non-Profit Organisations
Basic English Lessons for Adults

Basic English Lessons for Adults


Speaking Engagement – Confidence & Empowerment for Ladies

We are passionate about inspiring, motivating and encouraging girls and women in being more confident and living true to themselves, towards the life that they want. We are also keen to add value to marginalised groups within the community.
We are open to pro-bono workshops and speaking engagements with educational institutes and non-profit organisations on relevant life topics. Some of the topics we cover include
  • Building Confidence & Empowerment
  • How to Be More Assertive
  • Body Image, Beauty and Self-Acceptance
  • Self-Leadership – Growing Yourself Through Challenges
  • Be the New Independent Female
  • Time/Space/Money Management
  • Get to Know Yourself Better
  • Dealing with Stress
  • Better Self-Expression
  • Confidence Building for Teens  
  • Career Building, Resume Writing & Interview Tips 
  • Hands-on Workshop – Brush Lettering & Art
    brush lettering   brush lettering   BRUSH LETTERING

  • Hands-on Workshop – Hammock making
    make a hammock
  • Hands-on Workshop – Woodworks
For speaking events and workshops, please fill in the form here. for faster processing.
Alternatively, drop us a message and we will respond soonest. Thank you.

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