Looking for the right courses for yourself? Feeling stuck in life and want to move forward? We have the right course for you.

Over the last few years, we have crafted and created an e-book and several e-Courses of relevant life topics. These are self-paced so they can be done at your own pace and convenience.

If you want to get to know more and learn more about who you are and what you want to achieve in life, this e-book is the best choice for you.

E-Book – Discover, Debunk and Develop You In 30 Days 

Discover, Debunk and Develop You In 30 Days

Have you always wanted to live a life that you can call your own; without waiting for approval or validation, without waiting for someone to appear first or something to happen first?

In this e-book, we cover a great range of self-discovery, self-debunking questions as well as action taking plans to help you take the first step to living the life of your dreams, today.

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e-Course – How To Move On & Live A Better Life
A 5 Weeks Self-Paced Online Course

Expectations are emotional ties that we bind ourselves to certain matters, events, people or even objects. When we invest our time, effort or finances, we expect returns. When we put our money in investments, we expect to earn profits.

When we work on certain projects, we expect our boss or clients to value our work. When we give in our all in a relationship, we expect our partners to show us love, respect and appreciation at the very least. But what happens when these returns don’t happen? 

What happens after all that money you have thrown in, the prices collapse and cause you huge losses? What happens when you spent five years in a relationship only to be told they’ve lost feelings for you, that they’ve met someone else?

When you place expectation on someone, events or objects, chances are you won’t be happy with the result if they fall below what you expect in return.

Be it getting into unfulfilling negative relationships, or trusting the wrong friends or dealing with disappointments silently time and again, do you know that this is a pattern that you choose to follow?

In this course, we show you how you can move forward after setbacks in life and live a better life. During this five weeks, here’s what you will receive.

Module 1 – Identify What Hurts & Why It Hurts
Module 2 – On Forgiveness & Letting Go
Module 3 – Do This For Yourself
Module 4 – Build Your Resilience & Strength
Module 5 – It Takes Time

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