As you cruise through your teenage years and enters adulthood, there are certain life topics that will spring up on you.
How do you ensure that life remains exciting and interesting for you? Would you know what to do with your life by then? Are there any lessons that you have learned from?
Which lessons you learn would stay with you for life? 
For me, it’s not the texts in books, but rather what my parents said to me, what my teachers taught me, what my friends told me and what I see from within myself along the way.
Most teens would wish and hope to be adults, but when the time comes, will you be ready for it?
Being teenager
Being a teenager can sometimes be tough when you are restricted by the age limit. But, it can also be a very enlivening stage in life where you get to explore and experience a variety of activities and knowledge with the flow opportunities and chances from people who are willing to share and show you the way.
When you finally arrive at the age of 18 or 21, you will be brought into a different realm of life where you have greater exposures in different ways added with a range of responsibilities now.
You would be expected to be more responsible for yourself, to think for yourself and take charge of your life, to be accountable for your decisions and act your age moving forward.
That’s not to say that being young allow you to be willful or reckless in what you do. It means that you have the liberty and time factor now to experience and have the exposure to explore, adventure and learn with leaps and bounds before you step into the adult phase. So why waste this opportunity?
Here are some life related topics that you can start exploring now
And, these topics would probably benefit you if you start now rather than later, seeing that these could also be lessons that would be applicable in your life in future.
Better to learn now than to struggle in future when you are tied up with work, money, play and family commitments.
  • Find out what your dreams are, where your interests lie and build on what you love doing.
  • Build on your general knowledge; watch more NatGeo or BBC news.
  • Learn another language; Mandarin; English, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean? 
  • Improve your body language; they help you identify your blind spots and build your confidence.
  • Learn to speak assertively; know what tactful means; so you will know how to handle difficult situations. 
  • Learn how to communicate better. Practice how to express yourself without losing temper; manage your emotions.
  • Be a better friend to your friends; being there for them and being a good listener go a long way.
  • Share more with your siblings (if you have); sharing is caring as they say, and help to build your empathy
  • Spend more quality time at home (with your parents) because when you start working you will struggle to find the time.
  • Excel in one thing, just one for now; build a mastery with 10,000 committed hours; then excel in a second one after you’ve mastered the first one.
  • Learn to manage your allowances (finance); if you make it a habit of saving now, it will become easier in future when you get thousands each month. 
  • Build a healthy lifestyle around yourself; find an exercise you enjoy, learn about nutrition, have good sleeping routine, know how to manage stress
Most of the times, it is knowing how to manage your time and priorities, turn them into a habit that stays with you for long so you won’t have to struggle with changing habits in future.
Do you have any good head start you want to share with other girls too? Share with us below!
If this piece of article resonates with you, chances are, there are probably many others who face the same challenges as you. (remember, you are never alone). 
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