We also work with companies to provide customised workshops and courses to enhance performance and knowledge for employees. Some of our events and courses are listed below.
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Communication Skills
  • Technical Report Writing 
  • Writing Professional Emails / Letters 
  • Microsoft Office Skills – Word, Excel, Powerpoint 
  • Conducting Business/Sales Presentation 
  • Managing Your Team 
Problem Solving Skills
  • Conflicts Management 
  • Dealing with Complaints + Case Study 
Planning & Organising
  • SMARTER Goal Setting 
  • Time & Space Management 
Career Growth
  • Resume Writing & Designing
  • Interview Tips
  • Identifying Career Direction, Goals & Growth 
  • Managing Your Career Journey 
Customised Workplace Training
  • Basic & Advanced Levels English Lessons in various industries
    Do Your Employees Lack Basic English Skills?
    Does your company have experienced and valued employees who lack basic English skills? Are your employees less confident to communicate with clients due to their lack of literacy and competence?
    Are your managers and supervisors caught up with the basic menial tasks that your employees should be doing but they’re not? Does your operations department get caught up in a productivity rut with tasks that only certain employees can do, e.g. report writing, manuals referencing, etc?
    Imagine the opportunity costs that your company will incur in the long term.
     How about improving the situation by allowing your low-level employees access to literacy and in turn, allow them to better understand the operations of the business to be able to contribute better?

    As Strong As Your Weakest Link

    As the saying goes, ‘a chain is only as strong as its weakest link’, your team efficiency and productivity are only as strong as your weakest member, no matter how skilled or experienced your team is. Increasing their literacy will not only improve communication among one another but also confidence in individuals.
    At L3 (Training) Hub, we focus on delivering in-house basic workplace literacy and language skills to employees who want to improve themselves.
    In today’s fast-paced competitive environment, being a great team player requires more than experience and skills. Communication and literacy skills are necessary so that individuals can deliver better results and eventually progress with the company.
    Being in a competitive environment, basic English skills is no longer an option but a necessity.
    To stand out as a leader in your industry, not only does your company have to deliver quality results but also ensure confidence to your clients. Investing in the competence of your team also plays a vital role in this.
    As the economy picks up, you’d want to be able to provide quick and best-valued services to your clients. You will need a quick turnaround from your team with improved efficiency and productivity.
basic workplace english for employees
Imagine being able to not only deliver results on time to your customers but also having your team members play a part in customer excellence, leaving good and professional image to your clients. How much confidence would you be adding to your clients? How much worth of repeat orders would you be able to secure in the long run?
Eliminate downtime and maximise productive hours by taking the opportunity to train your staffs today. Empower your team and department to deliver values and results above standard. Demonstrate confidence and professionalism to your clients.
L3 (Training) Hub offers in-house training to companies that are keen on developing competence in their teams and confidence in their employees.

We specialise in providing customised basic workplace English with the aim to build up literacy and communication skills in individuals. We also cover relevant technical terms in our syllabus to allow employees to better handle real-life workplace situations.
Duration of the course can range from three to six months, and covers
    • Basic English conversational skills for situations in everyday life, e.g. greetings
    •  Build reading and writing competence with proper pronunciation
    • Customised workplace English with relevant technical terms
    • Communication skills on interacting with clients, e.g. asking questions, giving directions and instructions
    • Basic technical report writing
    • Additional to suit company requirements, e.g. email writing
Mode of delivery will include classroom teaching, role play, real-life situational practices and tests.
Pre- and post-program tests will be conducted to gauge their performance and company’s ROI of this program as well.
Should your company be interested in this in-house training program, email us at training@l3hub.org or contact us below and we will get in touch with you.

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