For the last six months, I have been rather busy running challenges on almost every month (except April when I went on a holiday).
These challenges range from building healthy eating habits to thinking positively to get moving (work out) more to wake early challenges.
You can find details of these challenges here.
While running these challenges in the hub, I was also setting my personal targets at the same time.
  1. In January, I ran a 21 Days Challenge to eat healthier – My personal goal was to go vegetarian since I have been a part time vegetarian for the last one year. After the challenge, I am now in my sixth month of my vegetarian diet now.
  2. In February, I published a 14 Days Positivity Challenge to remind us to be all forward looking and move past our negative self.
  3. In March, I ran a 21 Days Get Moving (More) Challenge to encourage us to move away from the sedentary lifestyle and move towards more happiness with our selves – My personal agenda was to prepare myself to run more so that I can complete at least one marathon by the end of this year. At the end of the challenge, I have primed myself to run 10km from my usual 5-6km jogs. (I have signed up for a 21km city race this July, and looking to take part in a full marathon in September)
  4. In May, I conducted a 21 Days Wake Early Challenge which has been rather successful. I clocked additional 25 hours (equivalent to 1 day’s worth of time) by waking up earlier than my usual hours. And, in that three weeks, I have started a journaling exercise, prepared my own breakfast and coffee, and having a read in the morning instead of rushing out of the house. I could have made the challenge better though, by being more specific in my goals (i.e. waking x hour earlier or at specific time like 4.30am)
  5. This June, I am doing my challenges slightly differently with ‘Gain Clarity in 30 Days’ as it is more of an exercise rather than a challenge. It is longer and require more in depth and inwards looking into ourselves rather than doing it for others – In taking this as my personal exercise, I meant to gain more clarity in myself and the path I am on. Despite me knowing my vision and purpose, I lacked clarity in terms of the big goals and action steps, which was why I always get distracted by many other things that are going on in the background and around me, meaning it was harder for me to stay on my track even though I would keep reviewing my steps and pulling myself back towards the direction I set.
Why Am I Doing All These Challenges?
I started my journey with L3Hub nine months ago with the aim to share my past experience, from how I faced my challenges from a bump-kin to who I am today, to my goals and dreams. However, I do realise that my insights and experiences are subjective and limited to my perspectives. I could only share with you what I know and have gone through.
I am leading my life, my way today because of my experiences and journey. You are leading yours because of your experience and journey. In order for you to gain more out of the hub, it has to be by you, for you, with you. As such, these challenges that I run, are intended for you to join in to discover for yourself, challenge yourself to break your own barriers and develop a better you as you do them.
After each challenge, I felt inspired and motivated to prepare for the next while keeping the last challenge going in the background with the intent to make it my lifestyle, because I felt so much more focused, aligned and purposeful with the results and lessons I gained from these exercises.
You Find Out For Yourself What You Want
I have had ‘doing yoga’ and ‘meditate at 5 am’ in my goals list for the last at least the last three years. Every time when I updated my goals, I would just rewrite them on the list, but I have never felt motivated enough to do them, particularly meditation.
Then, I signed up for 10 days Vipassana meditation back in 2014 and completed the course. I gained far more insights, emotional detox and an appreciation towards consciousness and connection with myself at the end of the ten days. I came back to the real world and have been struggling to make time to meditate since. Even when I did my Wake Early Challenge, I did not meditate either. Then I realised, I didn’t want to do it. I came to realise that when I am connected with myself, being present with myself when I do what I do, I am already practising meditation. By the way, meditation does not mean having to sit for hours. There are many ways to practise; walking meditation or breathing meditation for instance.
While I realised meditation is not for me, the additional hours I gained from my wake early challenge brought me to doing Yoga again. I started doing Yoga several years back and it has been an on-off relationship. As I gained more hours from my wake early challenge, I thought doing Yoga would be good for me as I have felt more focused and flexible from my past experience. So after years of putting Yoga on the list, I finally started Yoga again during the challenge.
And I found out what worked (or didn’t work) for me and what I like (and didn’t like) in the midst of a challenge.
You Are Building Yourself Up
Doing a challenge is not about showing how good we are at starting or completing a journey, even if we became a changed person at the end of it. Two persons doing the same challenge may have different insights and results at the end, depending on the goals you set for yourself, how your journey has been, how committed you were to the amount of support you received. What matters is when we are doing the challenge; the change in us during that period.
When you skipped a day or dropped the challenge midway, it does not mean that you are a failure, simply for the fact that you can try again and again until you finish the full challenge. You will find a stronger you each time you restart a challenge and push yourself a bit more. You will get better with each step you take. You will gain better insights and understanding towards yourself.
You might find yourself dragging your butt off the couch, feeling tired and forced, wanting to give up or do less along the way but when you persisted and complete an action you set for yourself, how did it feel? By the end of your challenge, you might even find yourself feeling different or having a different mindset from when you started.
It is a process to build ourselves as individuals in terms of our discipline and resilience, as well as our confidence and mindset.
You build Community and Accountability
When you take part in any group challenges, you are setting up yourself a sense of community and accountability. People come together because they find support and encouragement from one another, be in directly or indirectly. When you share your goals and your progress, you become more conscious of what you said you would do.
Even when you are going for the challenge yourself, you would also feel more accountable when others know that you have set a goal to achieve. However, if you do them alone, you might feel lonely, lack of support and probably less inclined to push on. It can make your journey more difficult, easier to delay or even give up.
Be bold about your goals and challenges. Tell others about them, and be open in sharing your updates. It is only when you share your progress openly that you gain the most out of your goals and challenges.
You Inspire Others To Start Doing Something For Themselves.
Have you ever seen someone so motivated and ‘obsessed’ in their goals that you felt inspired to get into action too? Why not be that someone while you are doing something for yourself?
You never know whom you could inspire or mentor, just by doing things for yourself. Imagine what an impact you could make to someone else who is struggling to get started in their goals, or someone who is lost in direction sees you doing your stuff and start on their own amazing journeys.
It Builds You As A Person
While L3Hub run different challenges monthly, it does not mean that your journey ends when the challenges end. The intent of running a challenge is not to only see how much you can go or how far you can soar, but also building a habit out of it to eventually integrating it into your life. For instance, on eating healthy, meditating or waking up early, the challenge is just the tip of the iceberg, to break the resistance and get you started into doing something you can practice for the long term.
On a different level, when you build challenges and complete them, you are priming yourself to be more receptive to harder tasks the next time, less prone to giving up halfway and building your discipline, resistance and mindset in the process.
Each time you take up harder challenges, you are pushing your own limits and making it a part of your life to break the norms.
Imagine how different your life would be if you challenge yourself a little more each day; speak a little louder, travel a little further, prepare a little more, deliver a little earlier, being a little more decisive day by day.
Be a part of this community. 
What we do and achieve in challenges is not for anyone else, even if you wanted to do it to prove to others or impress someone, you are essentially doing it for yourself. At the end of the day, we are all doing it for ourselves.
If you have always wanted to challenge yourself to do something, join our community if you are looking for one without wanting to feel overwhelmed, and start today. 
Feel free to suggest any challenges that we could all do together too! Email to me here.
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